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Horst und Sabine
We have only returned home 2 hours ago and now check our email....such a nice surprise to hear from again so soon.

We have aleady spoken with Mr Klaus Groeting and told him how much we enjoyed Bali and our entire vacation, in particular staying at your beautiful resort & spa and how extremely well we have been looked after by you and your team. I think he was happy to hear that so soon, and was pleasantly suprised by your greetings we immediately forwarded.

Let us say thank you to all of you again, our too few days in Barong will be unforgettably positive memories for us, and we hope to be returning as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we would appreciate if you could keep us informed on any news about your resort & spa.

Best regards from cold but sunny Germany
Vijayananthan Gulasingam
Thank you for your concern. We must very frankly say that we enjoyed staying at your Resort. It was definitely something different from any other 5 star hotels. I have never stayed in one like this. We are now taking the opportunity to tell all our friends about the wonderful lay out of your rooms etc and the friendly staff that you have.

Nevertheless it is a pity that the latest terrorist bombings may deter people from going to Bali for just a few days but after reading about the wonderful people and the tourist attractions in Bali, I am sure people will start flocking back to Bali Our low cost airline is also encouraging people to go to Bali by offering 5,000 free air tickets. That is the amount of love and feelings Air Asia has for the people of Bali We were also fortunate to have a wonderful English speaking tour guide who made our stay in Bali even more eventful and interesting.

We will certainly make it a point to stay at your wonderful Resort if and when we get the next opportunity.
Masanao and Tomomi / Katayama
Hi Agun,
How are you? We hope you and your staff are doing well.
Thank you very much for your kind and your mail.
We in Japan are still talking about our Bali trip. We enjoyed there especially in your hotel.
We appreciate for you and your staff's concern for our stays.
Nice Balinese furniture in your room made us relaxed and your staff always smile made us feel like being back to home.
And during this trip, we could see the nature as-is left in your town when you were taken us to the 2 trips. At that time, you taught us about your island. We were very glad to see and know your island very well.
We had very nice time in your hotel. You did much than we had expected. For example, flower bath , having mangosteen cut and relaxed SPA. We wanted to said to your room keepers that "Thank you very much for many things and your work makes us and guests happy."
We hope that we stay at your hotel next vacation and that you keep your work there till we will visit next time.

Thank you for concerning about set of coffee/Tea with our mark.
Could you please let us know you and your life in Bali?
Please keep in touch with us.

See you soon,
Thank you and best regards,
Dear Barong Resort and Team

We have returned home in busy Japan. we really enjoyed staying at Barong Resort & Spa.

we stayed at your hotel last year August and got excellent service. bed room, bath room, balcony, swiming pool, entrance, atmosohere, everything in your hotel was very beautiful!! especially staffs smile made us so happy. that is reason why we syayed at your hotel again this summer.

I hope you give us more excellnt smile when our next visit.

see you next year!!